Why George? – Trailer

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"Zach, the adoring husband... Sam, the loving wife... Together, the perfect couple: young, romantic and both completely secure in their impenetrable love.

So when Zach suggests that Sam 'try being with a woman' before they start a family, Sam initially protests but becomes open to the idea when Zach presents it as a new experience for them to explore together.

Zach is psyched! He imagines the potential of where this could lead! He's living every guy's fantasy...or so he thinks.

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2 Comments to “Why George? – Trailer”

  1. Avatar of Chris1357 Chris1357 says:

    Does anyone know if this film supposedly from 2005 was ever actually made? or was a trailer prepared but for some reason best known to the film makers the film was never completed? I have checked numerous sites to see if a DVD exists but no one seems to have any record of it. IMDb however seem to rate it which appears to suggest that it was made and released.
    Any information would be appreciated

  2. Avatar of Dee Dee Dee Dee says:

    Ok, so anyone has any info about this movie ? Where can be found ???

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