Warpaint (Short Film)

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From Al Benoit

Warpaint, a short film, tells the story of Carey and Audrey, two seventeen year old girls who fall in love over a summer at their parents lake houses.

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3 Comments to “Warpaint (Short Film)”

  1. Avatar of Lahaine Lahaine says:

    I liked this a lot very sweet and moving, I taught some of the music interludes were a slight overkill and are we to assume something happened to the black hair girl going by the blonde hair girl reading something in the paper, I was just a bit confused by this. The two actresses were very good and I bought that there characters were in love. The romantic in me was hoping to see the two girls were now together but that probably would have been a little to sappy. Great job from all involved I give it 4/5.

  2. Avatar of Al Benoit says:

    I would like to thank OML so much for having our short film on their beautiful website. It means a great deal to me, the cast and the crew! Thank you!

  3. Avatar of bjwuchte bjwuchte says:

    Very moving and well filmed! Love it!

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