She Walks In Beauty – Casting Call

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The Casting Quest means that the crew will be casting at least one of their main characters through a new and exciting process Video features Nicole Pacent from the "She Walks In Beauty" book cover shoot.

Could you be a movie star?
Casting chemistry -- it's in her kiss

How many of us dream of being a movie star, but don't have the experience to match our talent? How do you get a chance when you can't get a foot in the door?

Well if being in a film is your dream and you think you might be able to create chemistry on the big screen, this might just be the chance for you close up!

Following the success of her current movie A Perfect Ending, now the best selling lesbian film of all time, Writer/Director Nicole Conn is starting her most ambitious project yet, the movie version of She Walks in Beauty -- based on her best selling 2001 novel - and has teamed up with Executive Producer Elaine Sturgess launch a search for a new movie star to feature in the film.

The iConn Casting Quest offers the chance for anyone, whether they have any acting experience or not, to apply for the opportunity to attend a casting session for the new movie. Nicole already has a track record of highlighting the acting talent of new stars -- Jessica Clark, who Nicole originally connected with on facebook, is now a regular on HBO's True Blood after featuring in A Perfect Ending -- what this new programme does is to make that opportunity available on a much wider scale. "We are literally opening the casting process up to anyone worldwide who believes they have the talent to make it on the big screen" says Nicole, "So many folks have talents and never followed their dreams. Chemistry is essential. We will consider anyone as long as they are willing to take a chance to follow to take the leap. Dreams do come true. I'm proof of that, and we would love to make someone else's life ambition come true by casting them in She Walks in Beauty"

Take a peek at this movie to see how casting chemistry is the essence of a great love story -- and then visit the film's official website at -- and tell them why you think you've got what it takes.

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