Mother Tongue (Lengua Materna) – Official Trailer

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Mother Tongue, directed by Liliana Paolinelli, with Claudia Lapacó and Virginia Innocenti

It comes as quite a surprise when Estela learns that her 40-year-old daughter Ruth is a lesbian, and that the “friend” that she has been living with for the last 14 years is in fact her girlfriend. In hindsight, Estela realizes she missed some signs: “Now I understand why only girls came to your birthday parties…and in pairs.” After overcoming her shock, Estela tries to understand her daughter’s world by reading books, visiting lesbian bars, and discussing her daughter’s sexuality far and wide. However, with Ruth now having relationship difficulties, will Estela’s newfound interest strengthen their mother-daughter bond or tear it apart?

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  1. Avatar of rebelyouth rebelyouth says:

    i think the most proper translation to the title would be “maternal language” instead of “mother tongue”

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