Las Aparicio – Ep 100 – Julia & Mariana

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[dailymotion xeqjoz nolink] From: toygerms

While Mariana is all about the 'lesbian processing' of their current relationship. Julia just wants to be with Mariana, but realizes that if to move forward with anything she really does need to talk about it with Mariana. Will we finally see the reunion everyone is waiting for? Watch Now

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2 Comments to “Las Aparicio – Ep 100 – Julia & Mariana”

  1. Avatar of Dee Dee Dee Dee says:


    it’s shared on Youtube too, well i think not all of the series are shared but you can find first … 16-17 i dont remember exactly

  2. omg could someone please post these up on YouTube and get pass the copyright shit? Dx I rly need my Julia & Mariana but I could only watch it on my iPhone cuz my computer sux hahah. ):

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