Isabel & Cristina (Tierra De Lobos) – Season 2 – Part 1

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From: Frabbey2

Note: most of the translations are done in scenes with Cristina and Isabel

Isabel is a headstrong tomboy, a loyal sister and one of the daughters of the powerful Lobo family. Her father and the Lobo clan practically own the whole town - whatever they say, goes. However, things are beginning to change...

Cristina is a prostitute. From the first time Isabel sees her in the brothel (while Isabel was out looking for her younger sister), she has been overwhelmingly attracted to Cristina. Whether Cristina returns her affections genuinely or is scheming against the Lobo family remains to be seen...

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2 Comments to “Isabel & Cristina (Tierra De Lobos) – Season 2 – Part 1”

  1. Avatar of Dee Dee Dee Dee says:

    @jjjj exactly what I was thinkin :D she’s really cute actually …

  2. Avatar of jjjj jjjj says:

    Isabel a tomboy? OMG are u crazy >.>

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