Cracks (Trailer)

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About the Movie: "Enter Ms. G (Eva Green), beloved teacher and diving instructor. Beautiful, confident, liberated, unfailingly generous, she is worshiped by all, and none more than Di. She blithely breaks the rules, taking the girls out for nighttime skinny-dips, initiating whirlwind boogie-downs to "Puttin' On the Ritz," and assuring them that "the most important thing in life is desire" -- which pronouncement is, of course, followed by some old crone lecturing the students on the dangers of "excessive ambition." Eva Green is breathtaking in these early scenes, combining free-spirited insouciance with an almost otherworldly elegance. It's easy to see why Ms. G is a favorite.

The established order is upended by the arrival of Fiamma (Maria Valverde), a Spanish aristocrat who has apparently been banished for a fling with a boy below her station. Fiamma -- beautiful, confident, and a champion diver -- immediately makes clear that she is not having any of Di's preening, imperious queen-bee nonsense. What's more, she quickly becomes the apple of Ms. G's eye, infuriating Di further. Halfway through Cracks, it's looking like war." [Cinematical]

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