Lesbian Film Guide: Thrilling Encounters

by Chris Alderson

Danger, deception and desire are often entwined with mysterious encounters, sometimes they can be erotic in nature and sometimes they can be just plain creepy. This week we bring you five suspense thrillers…Enjoy!

The Adored
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Set in the remote North Wales countryside, Maia Summer (Ione Butler) has arranged a photo session with renowned photographer Francesca Allman (Laura Martin-Simpson) in hopes of kick-starting her ailing modeling career. Maia’s relationship with her husband has taken a downward turn so; the country break she hopes will instill a renewed sense of hope and confidence. When Francesca asks her to stay longer to enjoy the isolated
coastline, she jumps at the chance. The erotic chemistry grows as the women open up to each other about their past, leading to several sexy love scenes.

When Maia begins to feel another presence in the house, Francesca doesn’t take her seriously. Once the dark past of the house itself is unveiled, the women begin to wonder if the mysterious presence is of this world or not. Peppered throughout the film are cuts to an unknown man (Jake Maskall) at a psychiatrist’s office, but his link to the women is ambiguous.

Directors Carl Medland and Amarjeet Singh have created a well-honed psychological thriller full of surprising twists and turns. The eerie starkness of the Welsh countryside gives this moody piece an added sense of foreboding.

Ione Butler brilliant as frightened and fragile Maia trying escape a bad relationship. Laura Martin-Simpson is riveting as photographer Francesca Allman dealing with her own set of demons from the past. Jake Maskall on the other hand is disturbing as the psychotic mystery man barely keeping a lid on his rage.



Breaking the Girls

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When Sara (Agnes Bruckner) meets Alex (Madeline Zima) at a bar one evening, they hit it off an end up going back to Alex’s place. Alex shares horror stories about her stepmother and Sara confides that she has a school rival that is making her life miserable. Fantasizing about what life would be like without each of their respective enemies, they partake in a super hot love scene before drifting off to sleep.

When Alex brings Sara her rival’s necklace as a souvenir the next day and announces that she has killed her, Sara is shocked. What Sara thought was idle talk had now slammed into reality. Alex, her part of the bargain fulfilled, now looks to Sara to fulfill her end. When Sara refuses, things get ugly. Sara, scared for her life must now choose between Alex’s revenge and committing a crime herself.

Director Jamie Babbit (But I’m a Cheerleader) and screenplay writers Mark Distefano and Guinevere Turner have brought a wonderfully creepy film to the screen. Full of twists and turns, this thriller will keep you guessing as the tension mounts.

Madeline Zima’s portrayal of Alex is deliciously evil as she alternatively seduces and threatens Sara into doing her bidding. Agnes Bruckner is tender and sweet as the wronged scholarship student Sara pulled into Alex’s twisted seduction plot.




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St.Matilda’s School for Girls sits high atop a small island off the coast of England; a ferry is all that connects them to the outside world. Di Radfield (Juno Temple), the captain of the diving team dominates the other girls in the group. Di and rest of the team worship their diving teacher, Miss ‘G’ Gribben (Eva Green) who weaves stories of adventure and intrigue for the amusement of “her girls”.

When Fiamma (María Valverde), a beautiful Spanish student arrives, she captures Miss G’s attention much to the dislike of Di who has feeling for Miss G. When Fiamma rebuffs Miss G’s advances and even challenges the validity of her adventures, the rest of the girls turn on her. After Fiamma disappears, the delicate facade of truth and lies begins to crumble and both the girls and Miss G are changed forever.

Director Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley Scott) has created a moody drama of academic rivalry and coveted secrets set in the cloistered environment of an island. The film, based on the novel written by Sheila Kohler, was filmed mainly in County Wicklow, Ireland.

The glorious Eva Green portrays Miss ‘G’ to perfection, her precarious grip on reality slips as truth and lies mingle, slowly revealing her true nature. Juno Temple is wonderful as captain of the diving team and ruthless leader of her small band of girls.



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Ai-Ling (Huan-Ru Ke) and Sophie (Inga Busch) meet and fall in love in Germany while Ai-Ling is searching for information about her deceased father. Shortly after, Ai-Ling dies under mysterious circumstances leaving Sophie heartbroken. To deal with her grief, Sophie creates a video-installation dedicated Ai-Ling in her hometown of Taipei, Taiwan. At the opening, Sophie is pursued by the beautiful Mei-li (Ting-Ting Hu), a reporter from the Taipei News.

Finally giving in, Sophie agrees to accompany the woman to the Taipei night markets where Mei-li attempts to seduce her. After rejecting Mei-li, Sophie rushes back to Hamburg. Mei-li soon follows showing up on Sophie’s doorstep where the women are unable to resist their attraction to each other. However, Sophie soon discovers that Mei-li is not a reporter for a Taiwanese newspaper after all and that she has been investigating Ai-Ling’s

German Director Monika Treut has created a moody thriller that explores not only the tragic fallout after the death of a loved one, but also the murky world of Asian mysticism and the supernatural. Shot in both Hamburg and Taipei, the film also explores the complexities of cross-cultural lesbian relationships.

Inga Busch’s portrayal of grieving visual artist Sophie is intriguing, as she is unwittingly drawn into a relationship with a mysterious woman. Ting-Ting Hu brings a quiet intensity to the role of Mei-li as she searches for answers to Ai-Ling’s death.

Language: English/German/Mandarin with English subtitles



In Her Line of Fire
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While flying over the South Pacific, a severe electrical storm plunges the US Vice President’s plane into the ocean. The few survivors are killed off one by one by rebels who inhabit the island until there are only three survivors, The Vice President himself (David Keith), Sharon Serrano (Jill Bennett) the Vice President’s press secretary and Secret Service Agent Lynn Delaney (Mariel Hemingway). Delaney, who has been waging her own personal battle of wills with Serrano prior to the crash, is openly hostile to her.

The leader of the rebels, Armstrong (David Millbern) immediately recognizes the opportunity to extort money in exchange for the safe return of the Vice President. When the Vice President is finally caught, it falls to Serrano and Delaney to work together to free him. Before they are able to free him however, the women lock lips freeing themselves from the sexual tension that has kept them frustrated up to that point.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith brings this action thriller, which could be seen as a lesbian “Rambo” flic to the screen. The film also known as Air Force 2 was filmed mainly in New Zealand.

The lovely Jill Bennett portrays Sharon Serrano with style and grace, despite being reduced to wearing khakis and a ripped t-shirt for most of the film. Mariel Hemingway blasts her way on to the screen as tough Secret Service Agent Lynn Delaney, secretly harboring illicit feelings for Serrano. The film however, is fairly gay-lite as there are only a few kisses exchanged between the women.


by: Chris Alderson 
Author of the 2012 and 2013 Lesbian Film Guide - Covering over 300 lesbian themed films from around the globe,
the 2012 Lesbian Film Guide provides a comprehensive guide to lesbian movies from the 1950′s to present day. 

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