A New Flavor – Short Film

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From: vnguyen972

After a series of failures in relationship, a young woman decided to give up on men and forget about love... until a best friend suggests a new quest to find love, only this time it'd be with other women. Watch Now

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3 Comments to “A New Flavor – Short Film”

  1. Avatar of Dee Dee Dee Dee says:

    agree w/ dlewis2010, the music is really annoyin..

  2. Avatar of dlewis2010 dlewis2010 says:

    This video would be 100% better without the corny music playing in the background. Plus it was really hard to hear the dialogue with the music playing anyway.

  3. Avatar of nien nien says:

    In the end.. a weak watersplashing is funny scene.. lol
    And one of the dates.. the one with glasses, she is HOT!! Very Hot indeed. Great made and great women and everything is great by way out of because of the eye glas girl.. Wow! :) thumbs up!

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