110 Landaff

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This series is the story of a family in the late 70's. Catholic, large and dealing with multiple issues of life and death, this series is a mix of comedy and drama. The Parker family has seven children, two of the boys have Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy. The main character in the show is a thirteen year old tomboy (read lesbian) trying to not to stand out as the odd one in a most peculiar family. As with all family stories there is laughter, fighting, regret, pain, rivalries and below it all love. You can learn more about this project and how you can get involved here.

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2 Comments to “110 Landaff”

  1. Avatar of jane baker jane baker says:

    Hello OML peeps,
    This is Jane Baker, the lesbian yapping in the video above. I see that the video has over 250 views but no body has been interested in donating to see the pilot made. I am wondering and humbling asking for honest feedback of what is missing? What would make you want to go to the hassle of helping back this project? Is it the story that is uninteresting or the pitch, or both. I am really asking for gut reactions here. Thanks so much for taking time to look at the video and also for responding to my questions here. I very much appreciate it.
    Thanks so much.
    jane baker

  2. A marvelous pitch for what could be a very honest, funny program – with the universal constants of ‘growing up,’ and ‘strange family life,’ that would appeal to everyone. I highly recommend supporting it in its infancy, so you too can say: “I remember when I helped get that pilot made – can you believe they’re starting their fourth season already?!”

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