What is tellofilms.com?

This is a subscription web-series site dedicated to producing quality lesbian series. Every series on our site is made by, for, and about lesbians and lesbian-friendly allies. Every show on tello has lesbian lead characters, a lesbian storyline, and have at least one lesbian producer.  Our mission is to support the creation of lesbian entertainment and encourage lesbian creators whose ideas aren't often welcomed in mainstream media.

We know there is an audience out there ready and waiting for thoughtful, original, lesbian-focused series - and we want to make you happy.

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What is the difference between Premium Content and Free Content?

If you choose a web series from our dropdown menu and scroll down, you will see that there are premium videos, teasers, and interviews. Teasers and interviews are free for anyone to watch; premium videos are available only to those who have a current tello subscription.

It currently costs $4.99 a month for a tello subscription, and your account is set up as an auto-renew just like Netflix or Hulu.

Where does the money from my subscription go?

100% of net subscription fees go back to the producers and creators of tello projects, which means you are supporting the creators of the shows you're watching.

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How are my tellofilms payments processed?

Our site uses PayPal to process your credit card payments.  tellofilms doesn't have access to your credit card information, and your privacy is protected.

We looked into many payment options and ultimately felt PayPal was the most secure and had the best name recognition for our subscribers.  The system is set up as to auto-renew, so your account will be billed each month much like Netflix and Hulu.

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I signed up for a Premium account, but I still can't see the Premium content!

Thank you so much for you support of tello Premium content.  If you have a current tello subscription but can't get to the content, make sure you are logged into your account. The login is located in the navigation bar in the top righthand part of the screen.

If you don't log in, the site doesn't know if you are a subscriber or not - it just views you as a regular visitor and only allows you access to free content like trailers, interviews, or the free seasons of tello series, such as McManusland Season 1 or Kiss Her I'm Famous Season 1.

Once you're logged in, click on "Choose a Series," then select the series you'd like to watch from there. Some of our series - including Cowgirl Up and Kiss Her I'm Famous -  have more than one season.

If you are a subscriber and see the message "Error Establishing a Database Connection," this usually means your Flash Player is not up to date.  If you search "update flash player" (version 10 is needed now), you will find this link will work.  iDevices don't use flash players so you will need to find out what player is installed on those and update that player.

Still having trouble? Contact us, and we'll help.

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I don't live in the United States. Can I still watch your content?

Yes! We are a global company, and we don't have any viewing restrictions. At this point we do not have translation services available - but this may change soon. Stay tuned.

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How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?

First, thank you for subscribing. Because of you, we are able to pay our series creators and encourage them to make more great series.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, go log into your account and find the tab that says "recurring fees;" you can cancel your subscription here.  You will still receive access to premium content for the full month you have already paid for.

We hope you'll come back soon!

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I'm having trouble watching your videos - help!

We are so sorry if this is happening to you!  We have a few suggested fixes to try.

  1. Make sure your flash player is up to date.
  2. Make sure your internet browser is up to date.
  3. If you are running Windows 7 there are some issues with the files we use and Windows 7 - we have found that this fix has helped people:

From: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/ff959805#_Known_Installation_Issues

- The Windows 7 N and KN Editions do not contain media related technologies such as video playback. IE9 is designed to support HTML5 video playback functionality which is only supported in Windows versions that contain media related technologies. Therefore, on Windows 7 N and KN Editions, Internet Explorer 9 will not be able to install prerequisite KB2454826 or KB2483177 unless the Windows Media Feature Pack (KB 968211) is installed, resulting in no HTML5 video playback. In order to enable HTML5 video playback support on a Windows 7 N or KN, install KB986211 and KB2483177 before installing Internet Explorer 9.

- For Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Internet Explorer 9 will not be able to install prerequisite KB2454826 if the Media Features are turned off, resulting in no HTML5 video playback. To enable HTML5 video playback support, go to Programs in Control Panel and select Turn Windows features on or off. In this dialog, enable Media Features before installing Internet Explorer 9.
For more information, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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I tried your suggestions, but I'm still having trouble watching your videos.

It could be the player you are using.  Check and see what player you have installed.  If it a DivX that could be the issue.

Despite what DivX is saying on their site ( http://www.divx.com/en/software/divx-plus/web-player ) about it being able to play the container format they are pushing called .MKV as well as .MP4 videos (which are iDevice friendly) it says in the developer section that the WebPlayer only supports .MKV, .AVI and .DIVX files ( http://labs.divx.com/node/16581 ).

They have a codec pack which may help to install:

If that doesn't help, I would recommend installing Quicktime. It says in DivX's page that in the player settings you can choose to use other players as your default player for HTML5 video.

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What kinds of commercial uses of the tellofilms website are prohibited, and which aren't?

We've recently updated our Terms of Service to clarify what kinds of uses of the website and the tellofilms Embeddable Player are permitted. We don't want to discourage you from putting the occasional tellofilms video in your blog to comment on it or show your readers a video you like, even if you have general purpose ads somewhere on your blog. We will, however, enforce our Terms of Service against, say, a website that does nothing more than aggregate a bunch of embedded tellofilms videos and intentionally tries to generate ad revenue from them.

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Thanks for your interest in tellofilms.com. Happy viewing!