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Grrl’s Guide to Filmmaking

Rolla Selbak shares her personal Hollywood vlogs as she visits some of the freshest female filmmakers making it happen today.

She sneaks us into the Paramount writers room with Faith Soloway, writer on the breakthrough Amazon series Transparent, stumbles into Cathy DeBuono's backyard, gets the juicy details from Guinevere Turner and how she came up with the title "The L Word", and much….much more.

Grrl's Guide To Filmmaking, showing you the magic, behind the magic.

Starring Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard


Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there's a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they're a couple to keep it.

Created by the same team that brought you I Hate Tommy Finch & The Throwaways. Starring Julie Goldman (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Brandy Howard (tello's Cowgirl Up.)


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Cowgirl Up Season 1 poster

Cowgirl Up (Season 1)

Wanna see funny and hot girls riding horses, shooting guns, and playing cowgirl? Hell Yeah! From the creator of 3Way and Nikki & Nora, comes this all-girl comedy western starring Mandy Musgrave, Marnie Alton, Kodi Kitchen, Maribeth Monroe, and more!



The Throwaways poster

The Throwaways


When newly out teen Olivia loses her family, her home, and her future in one fell swoop, she's taken in by a resilient group of lesbian misfits. Things can only get better. Right?

Despite the repeal of DADT and the ever-increasing numbers of U.S. states legalizing gay marriage, LGBT kids are still being bullied, harassed, and thrown out of their homes because of their sexuality.  The Throwaways follows straight-A, straight-laced, and anything but straight Olivia on her quest to find a safe place to be herself.

The Throwaways showcases the still tenuous nature of LGBT acceptance in the America, as well as the comedy and comfort to be found in new friends and allies.

Written by Julie Keck, Jessica King & Christin Mell

Directed by Christin Mell & Jessica King

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Gay Street Therapy – The Dinah

Brandy and Julie and back!  This time they help women who are at The Dinah to navigate this crazy lez event.

You (we) have problems. They (Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard) want to help you. Sort of. In this series, they tackle the toughest (and sexiest) lady lesbian problems with tact and finesse. Or something like that. The results are hilarious and highly inappropriate.

Starring Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show) & Brandy Howard (tello's Cowgirl Up.)


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