tello is proud to host TWO seasons of McManusland on our site. Season One is free; Season Two is part of our premium content.

  • In Season One, we got to know comic actress Bridget McManus, who wants to be bigger than Oprah -- not in circumference, but in star power. Her only claim to "fame" is her variety show, "The Bridget McManus Half-Hour Comedy Hour," on the low-rent gay TV network ICON. Unfortunately, that show has just been canceled.  Her level-headed wife, Karman, tries to be supportive, but Bridget has her own (slightly delusional) ideas about how to play the fame game.  Follow the misadventures of McManus and her family in this mockumentary series.
  • In Season Two, Bridget's path to the big time encounters some bumps, and she has to choose between following her own dreams or supporting those of her lovely wife Karman, who has found a new calling in the form of her rock bank Peg Leg, and their (apparently) extremely talented dog Taffy Davenport, who is off traveling the world with her new TV show.

"A self-reflexive mockumentary style series, McManusland is part Parks and Recreation with its purposeful pauses and asides to the camera, and part Curb Your Enthusiasm with Bridget’s hilariously cringe-inducing moments of pseudo self-awareness. But at the end of the day it’s really all Bridget with her cracker-jack comic command of the camera and her ability to appear fully without irony while ranting about something ridiculous."  ~

Gay Street Therapy Poster2

Gay Street Therapy – The Dinah

Brandy and Julie and back!  This time they help women who are at The Dinah to navigate this crazy lez event.

You (we) have problems. They (Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard) want to help you. Sort of. In this series, they tackle the toughest (and sexiest) lady lesbian problems with tact and finesse. Or something like that. The results are hilarious and highly inappropriate.

Starring Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show) & Brandy Howard (tello's Cowgirl Up.)


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Enjoy their first season of Gay Street Therapy.

Kiss Her I'm Famous poster

Kiss Her I’m Famous (Season 1)


Kiss Her I'm Famous follows two down-and-out best friends as they look for fame in all the wrong places.  Their plan?  A celebrity sex tape to catapult the into the limelight.

The sex tape is fake, but the auditions are real in this intelligent satire created by Rolla Selbak (Three Veils, Missing Maya) and starring Tracy Ryerson (The Real L-Word) and Ilea Matthews.

Watch Season 2 on tello.

Starring Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard


Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there's a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they're a couple to keep it.

Created by the same team that brought you I Hate Tommy Finch & The Throwaways. Starring Julie Goldman (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Brandy Howard (tello's Cowgirl Up.)


If you're ready for more Julie & Brandy, catch them in the hilarious Gay Street Therapy.

Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking Poster

Grrl’s Guide to Filmmaking

Rolla Selbak shares her personal Hollywood vlogs as she visits some of the freshest female filmmakers making it happen today.

She sneaks us into the Paramount writers room with Faith Soloway, writer on the breakthrough Amazon series Transparent, stumbles into Cathy DeBuono's backyard, gets the juicy details from Guinevere Turner and how she came up with the title "The L Word", and much….much more.

Grrl's Guide To Filmmaking, showing you the magic, behind the magic.

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