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#Hashtag (Season Two)

In Season One of #Hashtag, best friends Liv (Laura Zak) and Skylar (Caitlin Bergh) explored what it means to find and lose love in the age of the Internet. Season 2 kicks off with a suddenly single Skylar couch hopping and Tash (Marnie Alton) encouraging Liv to pursue an Instagram crush. What could possibly go wrong?

Season Two of #Hashtag is written by Laura Zak & Caitlin Bergh; directed by Christin Baker & Jessica King; produced by Baker, Bergh, Zak, and tellofilms; starring Zak, Bergh (Roomies), Marnie Alton (Cowgirl Up, Exes & Ohs), Kate Black Spence (The Throwaways), Heather Chrisler, Remy Maelen (Rent Controlled), and Stefanie Sherk (Valentine's Day, The Bridge.)

Episode 1 of the new Season of #Hashtag premieres on Sunday, January 18th. Episodes will come out at 11am PST each Sunday; episodes will be livetweeted at 11:30am PST. Follow Caitlin Bergh, Laura Zak, Christin Baker, Jessica King, Heather Chrisler, Kate Black Spence, Remy Maelen, and Stefanie Sherk for the full #HashtagSeries tweetfest experience.

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  • See Remy Maelen (sweet Emily in #Hashtag) transform into a spiky, oversexed ex in Rent Controlled.
  • Watch the hilarious Caitlin Bergh in Roomies, starring Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard.
  • Enjoy another tello original lesbian web series about best friends, Kiss Her I'm Famous, starring Tracy Ryerson (The Real L Word) and Ilea Matthews.


Who Knows Her Better

Who Knows Her Better?

Who Knows Her Better? is the game show that asks the question: Who knows a woman better - her guy or her gay? Filmed in front of live audiences in Chicago, IL. Hosted by Elizabeth Keener (The L Word) & Georg Coleman (Worst Cooks in America.)


If you like the live feel of Who Knows Her Better?, check out Gay Street Therapy.

3 way



After a disastrous and public divorce, Siobhan is finally on the path to serenity and calm...until her best friend, the well-meaning Roxie, moves her new girlfriend, Andrea, into the house.


By Maeve Quinlan, Nancylee Myatt & Paige Bernhardt. Starring Maeve Quinlan (South of Nowhere, Cowgirl Up), Cathy Shim (Reno 911!, MADtv), Jill Bennett (Dante's Cove, And Then Came Lola) & Maile Flanagan (Naruto, Lab Rats). Guest stars include Elizabeth Keener (The L Word) & Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

WATCH IT ALL! This groundbreaking series was re-released exclusively on tello films.


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  • Watch another show by Nancylee & Paige, Cowgirl Up. Two seasons are waiting for you on tello!
  • Check out tello favorite Nikki & Nora.
  • Laugh your ass off at another show about friends, Kiss Her I'm Famous.
Tello Poster I Kissed a girl

I Kissed a Girl

For lesbians, kissing a girl for the first time is a mind-blowing, life-changing big deal. Filmmaker Jen Sheridan captures the tales of lesbians of all ages recalling the magical moment of the first time they kissed a girl. Bonus: Lots of adorable Southern accents.

Featuring the iconic song by Jill Sobule, with her permission.

Episodes of this documentary series will debut on tello on Sunday May 31st!

Starring Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard


Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there's a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they're a couple to keep it.

Created by the same team that brought you I Hate Tommy Finch & The Throwaways. Starring Julie Goldman (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Brandy Howard (tello's Cowgirl Up.)


If you're ready for more Julie & Brandy, catch them in the hilarious Gay Street Therapy.

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