Room in Rome (New Trailer)

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[youtube mOlWezhYuBY nolink] From: mrdnbuser

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13 Comments to “Room in Rome (New Trailer)”

  1. Is this film not available on dvd yet ??

  2. Avatar of lesbeau lesbeau says:

    Nice! I heard it got an Oscar nomination for costume design…

  3. Hm, it plays well for me, can you still not see it?

  4. and it seems that the trailer now has been removed….

  5. That’s what I call a love scene!

  6. Avatar of Admin Admin says:

    jade42, yes this is a movie/film. It has yet to be released, but will this year. Here’s a review:

  7. Avatar of jade42 jade42 says:

    Is this a movie?? where can it be bought???

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