She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

In: Shorts

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Length: 15 minutes
Year: 2010
Country: Australia
Languages: English and Italian (with English subtitles)

Louisa Mignone as Milena
Barbara Gouskos as Rosamaria
Lorena Arancibia as Salia
Zulema Cappielli as Franca

In a tug of war of love, Milena must choose between her seductive lover and conservative Italian mother.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not explores the complexity of family relationships and the pressure of upholding tradition.

In a tug of war, Milena sways back and forth, between the women she loves. Trying to please her seductive lover and her conservative Italian mother is a comic drama fraught with miscommunication and frustration. As she battles with desire and obligation, Milena embarks on the almost impossible journey of satisfying her multiple loves.

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