Joe + Belle

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Language: Hebrew with English sub
Year: 2011 
Country: Israel
Running Time: 1:20 mins
Directed by: Veronica Kedar


Sivan Levy … Belle
Veronica Kedar … Joe
Romi Aboulafia … Abigail
Irit Gidron … Shoshi
Yotam Ishay … Matan

A dark comedy about two girls that fall in love with their country and each other en route from Tel Aviv to Sderot. Joe is a frustrated drug dealer and Belle is a french psychopath. The two meet and get involved in an absurd murder in the center of Tel Aviv. They now have to dump the body and escape the police. In this long and difficult journey, the coincidental encounter becomes a true love story that can only exist in one place – Sderot, the ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks in Israel.


The chemistry here is spot-on perfect as the two girls fall madly in love against the backdrop of a wild cross-country getaway — after they accidentally kill a guy! Full of whimsical sensibility and black humor, Joe + Belle is destined to restore your faith in young love.

“A creative tour-de-force… Joe + Belle manages to say something deep about love and violence while still offering all the gallows humor you could hope for.” —

“Kedar and Levy (she reminds me of Marion Cotillard) are excellent in the lead roles and their bitter-sweet chemistry is just heart-breaking.” —Twitchfilm

“Charming.” —


***Film is available for streaming in US and Canada only***