Floored By Love

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Year Produced: 2005
Directed By: Desiree Lim
Starring: Trenton Millar, Michael Robinson, Natalie Sky, Shirley Ng
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 50 min.
Rating: Not Rated

While Cara (Shirley Ng) grapples with Janet’s (Natalie Sky) marriage proposal and a surprise visit from her conservative Chinese parents; newly out gay mixed-race teen Jesse (heart-throb Trenton Millar) deals with his terrifically supportive Mom and step-Dad and the sudden return of his fly-by-night gay birth Dad (Andrew McIlroy).

With its heartwarming portrayal of two very different Vancouver households — a Chinese-Japanese lesbian couple and an African American/Jewish blended family — this wonderful family comedy is all about finding the courage to be who you really are.