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Length: 38 minutes
Year: 2007
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew / English subtitles
Subjects: Women, Lesbian, Relationship, Age, Love, Violence

Mature woman: Rozina Cambos
Young woman: Tamara Klingon
Executive Producer: Ran Shmueli
Director of Photography: Asi Oren
Production Designer: Denis David Pariente (Delicatessen)
Editor: Hadara Oren
Script Writer and Director: Dana Goldberg

The final minutes of an intimate night between two women. One is fifty years old and the other is twenty three. What seems to be a fragile promise of harmony brings about the relationshipメs demise.

“In Alpha, not only two women meet; each meets an individual created to suit the otherメs needs. The game they play is the pattern of their lives. The mythical mother-daughter relationship is a role play they will always seek for, and will always have to hide. I decided to make Alpha when I found a peace of paper stuck to a board in a women’s bar. The note said:
Looking for an adopting mother. Demands: Money, Food, Car, Sex.”
-Dana Goldberg